• Nat Friedman headshot

    Nat Friedman

    Chief Executive Officer



    Nat Friedman is CEO of GitHub, and drives the company’s vision of a global community of developers building the future together. Nat is passionate about building products that delight developers, and is a long-time leader in the open source community. He has co-founded two companies: Xamarin in 2011, where he served as CEO through acquisition by Microsoft in 2016, and Ximian in 1999. He is also co-founder of AI Grant, the GNOME Foundation, and co-founder and chairman of California YIMBY.


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  • Shanku Niyogi headshot

    Shanku Niyogi

    SVP of Product



    Shanku Niyogi is GitHub’s Senior Vice President of Product, where he leads the teams responsible for GitHub’s product roadmap, including product strategy, management, and design.

    Shanku has had a career-long passion for building products that empower developers and software teams. Prior to joining GitHub in January 2019, Shanku led developer product teams at Google, Microsoft, and Chef and was involved in products such as Visual Studio Code, TypeScript, ASP.NET, and Google Cloud.


    Keynote Session

  • Jannet Faiz headshot

    Jannet Faiz

    Engineering Manager

    Scout24 AG

    Jannet Faiz is an Engineering Manager for the Platform Engineering department at Scout24. She's currently leading the teams for Delivery Engineering, like continuous integration workflows and products, and migration of Scout24 to the cloud with the intention of shutting down data centers this year. Jannet believes in the platform model for increasing productivity for product teams.


    GitHub as a self-sustaining product for large-scale environments

    From security to provisioning, there are a lot of challenges companies face as they scale their workflows.

    In this session, you'll learn how Scout24 went from using four different supply chain management tools to one streamlined workflow while growing their repositories and users in a fast-paced environment.

  • Isabel Drost-Fromm headshot

    Isabel Drost-Fromm

    Open Source Strategist

    Europace AG

    Isabel Drost-Fromm is an Open Source Strategist at Europace AG Germany. She’s a member of the Apache Software Foundation, co-founder of Apache Mahout, and a mentor for several incubating projects. Isabel is interested in all things FOSS, search, and text mining with a decent machine learning background. True to the nature of people living in Berlin, she loves having friends fly in for a brief visit—as a result, she co-founded and is still one of the creative heads behind Berlin Buzzwords, a tech conference on all things search, scale, and storage.


    Innersource: open source collaboration patterns beyond public FOSS projects

    Europace AG, a Berlin-based FinTech company, has been piloting innersource efforts for over two years. During that time, they've followed and contributed to innersourcecommons.org, a global, cross-organization initiative to further innersource practices that “apply the lessons of open source to all software engineering, using collaboration and transparency to increase quality, speed, and developer joy”.

    This session will take your team on a journey from innersource as a vague idea to an organization that embraces open source collaboration techniques with developers who contribute to open source projects themselves.

  • Rimas Silkaitis headshot

    Rimas Silkaitis

    Senior Director, Product Management


  • Mike Linksvayer headshot

    Mike Linksvayer

    Director, Policy



    Mike Linksvayer is the Policy Director at GitHub, supporting the company's efforts to advocate for developers in the public policy realm. Mike has worked in the open source space for a long time, including as a volunteer director of Software Freedom Conservancy, and previously as VP and CTO of Creative Commons. Before that, Mike was a software engineer.


    Software security, trust, and public policy

    Through funding, regulation, and agenda setting, public policy can and does make software more secure—and less secure.

    This session will dig into case studies in Europe of how public policy has supported security, or inadvertently threatened to make software more fragile, including how these policies came about, how they impact software security, and how developers influenced the policies. We’ll also cover how developers and industry are working with policymakers and governments to ensure policy supports rather than undermines security and trust, and what you can do as a developer, team member, and citizen to help.

  • Charline Grenet headshot

    Charline Grenet

    Head of Digital Communities and Communication

    ENGIE Digital

    Coming from a crisis and politics communication background, no one guessed Charline Grenet would ever stumble upon and fall in love with digital and IT geeks. Now Head of Digital Communities and Communication at ENGIE Digital, global energy and services Group of 150,000 employees in 70 countries, Charline's one and only goal is to make digital do-ers proud of what they do best.


    Tribes at ENGIE Digital: when shiny tools don't make it all

    To design and build software, tools are not the magic answer and are only driving us halfway when taking hundreds of thousands of employees' projects to the next level. That's why ENGIE Digital has taken change management beyond powerpoint slides with a tribes dynamic: A fluid community powered by digital experts that helps our business and IT teams make smarter choice based on a common track-record and proven practices.

    In this session, you'll learn how ENGIE Digital is strengthening collective intelligence, moving faster, making digital knowledge and reusable code available for all.

  • Bryan Clark headshot

    Bryan Clark

    Senior Manager, Product Management



    Bryan is the Product leader for the Open Source Maintainer at GitHub. He has been working with Open Source for his entire career from Red Hat to Mozilla and lives with his amazing partner and 3 boys in Victoria, BC Canada.


    Open source security: advisories and workflows to keep open source secure

    Security is the most critical challenge in open source today, and the GitHub Team is investing in helping developers and teams work through their pain points.

    In this session, you'll learn how GitHub's tools are helping security researchers, maintainers, developers, and enterprises keep code secure.

  • Devon Zuegel headshot

    Devon Zuegel

    Product Manager of the Open Source Economy team



    Devon is the Product Manager of the Open Source Economy team at GitHub. She is a writer and programmer based out of San Francisco, and she blogs about cooperation problems, market design, and urban economics.


    Surviving and thriving in the open source economy

    How do the most successful open source projects sustain themselves—and how are their contributors rewarded for their work?

    This session covers everything you want to know about open source economics and what GitHub is doing to help.

  • Mario Rodriguez headshot

    Mario Rodriguez

    Senior Director of Product Management



    Mario Rodriguez is a Senior Director of Product Management at GitHub, currently focusing on all things Enterprise. Prior to Github, Mario worked as Group Program Manager at Microsoft where he led the Azure DevOps Platform and Artifacts teams. Mario’s core identity is being a learner and time away from product engineering is often spent with his two daughters.


    Running GitHub Enterprise at scale in your organization

    Learn best practices and features you can leverage to efficiently manage GitHub at an enterprise scale.

    From SAML SSO to group management, and fine-grain permissions to security and compliance, this session has you covered.

  • Kathy Simpson headshot

    Kathy Simpson

    Senior Director of Product Management



    Kathy Simpson is Senior Director of Product Management at GitHub, where she leads Developer Experience in navigating code collaboration, workflow and efficiency.

    Kathy has an engineering background and has always been a maker at heart with a passion for technology. She's played a critical role in the creation of new products such as Heroku's developer dashboard and enterprise workflow management systems, and works to make every product successful well beyond launch. Her curiosity for building is fueled by exploring new tools, prototyping potential solutions and investigating different processes.

    Prior to GitHub, Kathy worked as Senior Product Manager on the Human Interface Team at Heroku. Before Heroku, Kathy was a Senior Product Manager for Disqus, where she ran the core commenting platform. She studied Philosophy and Physical Anthropology at Pacific Lutheran University.

  • Simina Pasat headshot

    Simina Pasat

    Director of Product Management



    Simina Pasat is a Director of Product Management at GitHub, where she manages partnerships and special projects. She builds products in a customer-focused way and loves to ship solutions in quick iterations, learn from them and then make fast improvements. Prior to GitHub, Simina worked as a Product Manager at Microsoft, on mobile developer and CI tools. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors.

  • Jamie Cool headshot

    Jamie Cool

    Director of Program Management



    Jamie is the Director of Program Management for the Azure DevOps team. A 20 year Microsoft veteran, the majority spent building platforms and tools for developers. He is currently based out of North Carolina where he is working to make Azure Devops a great set of foundational developer services for both Microsoft and it’s customers.

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