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Mo Hardek

A lifelong technologist with a passion for teaching others, Moira has spent the past 15 years developing innovative training and business strategies, developing new strategic partnerships and building out technology-based solutions for CS education.

During her time at Best Buy Corporate Headquarters, she founded the Geek Squad Summer Academy (known today as Geek Squad Academy) program that brought 21st-century technology skills into the lives of tens of thousands of under-represented youth students across the U.S. from 2007 through 2012. Moira is recognized for creating and leading strategic partnerships with over 150 non-profit youth development organizations to deliver this workforce readiness training.

In 2013 she founded Galvanize Labs, a hybrid education and gaming company, that created Taken Charge, an online game platform teaching 21st-century technology skills and computer science to youth students. In early 2017, Moira joined Chicago-based, non-profit organization, Code Now, as Director of Learning & Engagement furthering Code Now’s mission is to diversify the talent pipeline of students who pursue computer science and technology.

In 2019 Moira joined GitHub to expand GitHub Education benefits and support to high school students and later moved on to oversee all GitHub Education Programs. Today, Mo is honored humbled to be the maintainer, the General Manager of GitHub Education