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Demystifying monorepos

When it comes to migrating large projects to Git, many companies struggle with how to deal with their existing projects. Should repositories remain as “monorepos” or should they be broken up? Steffen Hiller is helping teams answer questions just like these and manage their monorepos for better performance and easy collaboration. In this session, find out how big is too big when it comes to monorepos—and get hands-on experience to start improving your repository size and performance.


Steffen Hiller, DevOps Engineer (GitHub)

Steffen Hiller is a DevOps Engineer on GitHub's Professional Services team and located in the south of Frankfurt, Germany. His 20 years of software development background has shaped how he values tools and processes that contribute to building high quality software in a joyful way. Steffen loves helping companies and teams build software with GitHub.

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GitHub platform: what, why, and how?

Familiar with web development concepts or interested in building and enhancing your workflow using the GitHub platform? In this workshop, we’ll cover all the GitHub platform fundamentals, including how to get started with our APIs and webhooks. You’ll also learn about GitHub integrations and get the basics you need to know about integrating GitHub with new and legacy tools.


Erika Kato, Partner Engineering Manager (GitHub)

Erika has been a Partner Engineering Manager at GitHub since 2018. Erika fell in love with computing from a young age, and spent her time at a computer lab during recess, rather than playing in the school yard. That love of computing and effort allowed her to explore various sectors of technology, including experiences in real-time embedded systems and video game consoles, where she holds several patents. Erika has worn many hats within the industry over the years, but she has found her passion in partner engineering, working to enable powerful integrations with partners.

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Training at scale: building courses on GitHub Learning Lab (LL)

Doing your best work begins with learning the ins and outs of the tools you use every day. Learning GitHub is no exception. But scaling classroom training to hundreds—or even thousands—of users is no small feat. Join Learning Lab Content Lead Hector Alfaro as he shares how to create your first course on Learning Lab, along with his favorite Learning Lab tips and best practices.


Hector Alfaro, Trainer & Services Program Architect (GitHub)

Hector is passionate about teaching, learning, and bridging knowledge gaps. As a Program Architect for GitHub, Hector travels the world teaching others how to Git and GitHub. In his personal time, Hector enjoys teaching newbies how to program and, when not teaching, the Orlando weather and tinkering with the Internet of Things. Hector is passionate about teaching, learning, and bridging knowledge gaps and he does this professionally for GitHub.

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Making GitHub Actions actionable

Heard the buzz about GitHub Actions and curious to learn more in a hands-on setting? This session is for you. In this workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to know about using Actions to automate workflows. We’ll show you how to build your Actions using different programming languages, how to integrate with other Actions, and share what resources you’ll need to begin creating more advanced Actions. Some programming language knowledge will be helpful, but isn’t required for this workshop. No matter your experience level, you’ll walk away with key concepts to take back to your teams and the next steps you need to get started with GitHub Actions.


Dr. Claire Knight, Software Engineer (GitHub)

Claire is a polyglot remote developer who has worked in many areas of tech over the years. She has been a senior/lead developer for *cough* years now which means she has experienced most things technology companies can throw at you. Claire currently works at GitHub as part of the Ecosystem API team, where she helps developers all over the world do their best work. She also spends time herding cats from her home office, since that turns out to be great practice for working with developers.

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Nick Holden, Software Engineer (GitHub)

Nick Holden joined GitHub in 2018 to help build GitHub Marketplace.

Nick has been excited about programming since his first open source contribution in 2002—the groundbreaking “Guess My Number” app in the QBasic Development project on SourceForge. After studying economics and communication at Boston University, he worked to promote science and engineering programs for middle and high school students from underrepresented and underserved backgrounds at MIT.

In 2014, Nick completed UC Berkeley’s Agile Development Using Ruby on Rails professional certificate program, which convinced him to move into software development full time. Ever since, he’s been hooked on optimizing for programmer happiness and convention over configuration.

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Open source workflows for enterprises

More and more organizations are embracing open source to drive innovation and power the tools their teams use every day. But creating workflows that meet the needs of both your open source community and your internal development teams can be a challenge. In this session, Prem Kumar, a GitHub Implementation Engineer and Trainer, will share what to watch out for when integrating open source software at your organization. He’ll walk through the steps to help you build a productive and collaborative working relationship with open source—on GitHub and across the enterprise.


Prem Kumar Ponuthorai, Implementation Engineer (GitHub)

Prem Kumar is an Implementation Engineer in GitHub's Professional Services Team. Building on a software engineering and training background, Prem is an avid social learning evangelist and Git convert. He enjoys all things creative and loves to have discussions on development workflows.

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How to build your first GitHub App

Whether you're interested in building a special feature for your team or just automating a few manual tasks, GitHub Apps are a great way to quickly turn ideas into innovations—and anyone can get started. This beginner-friendly workshop doesn't require any GitHub Apps experience. We’ll teach you what GitHub Apps can do, when to use them, where to find the need-to-knows, and how to build GitHub Apps that work for you. You’ll take home skills for building, customizing, and integrating improvements across every project you touch.


Wilhelm Klopp, Software Engineer (GitHub)

Wilhelm Klopp is a Software Engineer at GitHub where he works on dogfooding the GitHub API, extending it, and making it easier to use. He is also the creator of Simple Poll, an app that lets you make polls with your coworkers. Simple Poll has become one of the most popular Slack apps. Prior to joining GitHub, Wilhelm led a team to create an API at University College London.

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Deep clean your Git repositories

Git repositories naturally grow over time. They can grow for the wrong reasons up until a point where they are hard to work with. Join Lars Schneider, a GitHub DevOps Engineer, to learn how Git works internally, what the implications are for large files in GIt repositories, how large files can be detected, and how large files can be cleaned from Git repositories properly and efficiently.


Lars Schneider, DevOps Engineer (GitHub)

Lars is a DevOps Engineer on GitHub's Professional Services Team, working out of Berlin, Germany. He loves to work hands-on with customers to make their Git and/GitHub experience more productive and fun. He is also a Git core and Git LFS open source contributor during working hours, and a hiker and water sports enthusiast during his free time.

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Victoria Lam, Solution Architect (GitHub)

Victoria is a Solution Architect on the Professional Services Team at GitHub. She has a consulting background with extensive experience in application architecture, DevOps, SAP, and software development. Victoria enjoys working and helping customers to achieve their goals.

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Getting ready for the enterprise: shipping GitHub Enterprise Server-compatible integrations

So you’ve built a GitHub App (congrats!) and now you want to ship it for GitHub Enterprise Server, the on-premises version of GitHub Enterprise. In this 50 minute workshop we’ll show you how—including developer licensing and code modifications, as well as common packaging, distribution, and installation patterns for on-premises GitHub Apps. We’ll also share best practices and helpful resources to get you started. In the end, you’ll leave knowing how to share developer tools with Enterprise Server teams, whether for code quality, developer productivity, project management, or automation.


Steve Winton, Partner Engineer (GitHub)

Steve has worked in “the wonderful world of software” for nearly two decades and has been using GitHub since 2008, which also happens to be the year it launched.

As a Partner Engineer, Steve currently works with GitHub’s ecosystem of integrators, where he enjoys helping teams ship impactful developer tools on top of the GitHub platform.

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